About Coal Fire

Coal Fire was created in an attempt to perfect the most popular food in America...PIZZA. Our commitment to our artisan style pizza is exhibited by the freshness of our ingredients and the attention to detail taken during the preparation & cooking process. Our homemade dough is aged, brought to the proper temperature and hand tossed to create the perfect bake. We've created three original sauces to please any palate. These sauces are made and tasted daily to ensure quality and consistency. Our fresh mozzarella is handmade in house daily and sliced, not shredded. Our Pizzaiolo brings everything together with our 900 degree coal fire oven resulting in a melding of flavors on a delicious thin crust which is "Charred to Perfection" for your enjoyment!

Along with the pizza, our salads, sandwiches, sauces and dressings are all homemade with the freshest ingredients. We make every attempt to purchase the produce and meats used in our products from local merchants. Our full-service restaurant has something for everyone to enjoy. With a full bar, a cozy atmosphere and our friendly staff, Coal Fire will always keep you coming back for more. We hope you enjoy your dining experience with us, and look forward to your visit soon!

About the Coal

Anthracite coal is the oldest, hardest and cleanest type of coal...virtually free of smoke and particulate emissions. All of the anthracite used in the U.S. is produced domestically by American workers, primarily in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Today, anthracite is extracted almost exclusively from previously disturbed sites, not virgin territory. A portion of the price from each ton of anthracite sold goes to a federal fund used to reclaim abandoned mines from previous generations. The mined areas are reclaimed by refilling the mine, returning the terrain to its original contour. Then, trees and grass are planted. Water can then flow properly over the earth rather than through the old, abandoned mining tunnels underneath. This has led to the creation of natural ponds and wetlands and a return of wildlife to the area. The surrounding ecosystem is rescued and revived due to anthracite mining and reclamation.

For more information on the federal fund and general information please visit: www.osmre.gov